master reviews

Mr. Aaron Li – excellent musician, pianist and teacher.

He masters advanced repertoire, including pieces by various composers and of diverse styles.


Depth of content, emotivity and virtuosity are the distinct characteristics of Aaron’s musical performance.

Besides the high qualities of his professionalism, Aaron is also a very pleasant and sociable person.


He is kindhearted and reliable; communicating with him always creates a great sense of positivity.                              


          Prof. Popova Galyna,  
Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory of Music.  
 Odessa  National Academy of Music.  

AMEB Awards

We have been sending our students to AMEB exams and many of them have received excellent results from the exams. We have never received a fail. We will do our best to ensure your satisfaction

Fantasia Music School offers an opportunity for students who are preparing for AMEB examinations to perform in a formal and supportive setting and receive feedback on their performance from our highly qualified teachers.

Participating students will have the opportunity to perform on a concert grand piano with other performers in the audience. In addition to the performance, general knowledge of the piece (if appropriate, depending on the exam) , aural test and sight reading will also be tested.

performance practise is a important experience of preparing for an exam or concert. Becoming too comfortable in the practise room in a familiar environment and on a familiar piano can lead to unexpected results when performing. If you think you are 100% prepared in the practise room, that is wonderful! HOWEVER!…. practising your performance skills and playing under pressure in a similar environment to your exam will give you that extra bit of preparation. It is guaranteed you will always learn something new during a practise performance. The more performance you attend, the more experience and relax you will be as a stage performer!  We will give you a stage!