We offer piano, violin, viola, flute,guitar and music theory lessons. Come and talk to our music specialist to start your music adventure.

Private Lessons

  • Students are matched to a specific teacher who best fits their specific age and level, and that teacher formulates a program for the student. This creates a great student-teacher relationship so the student is able to learn quickly and efficiently.
  • Students receive the full attention of the teacher for their whole lesson, rather than in a group lesson environment.
  • Teachers are able to provide a variety of activities for the student based not only on their current level, but also on how the student responds in real time during the lesson. Our teachers are trained on creating flexible lesson plans and maintaining students’ interest throughout the whole lesson.
  • Private lessons create the perfect setting if a student is aiming to take an exam – the teacher will be able to fully assess all aspects of musical knowledge and musical skill required for an exam.

Early Childhood Music
Movement Group Lessons

  • With our mature early childhood lessons and programs.
  • We incorporate Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze methodologies.
  • Our group lessons focus on children between 2-5 years old, helping them with music movement, singing and clapping to the songs with teacher.
  • The classes will help them socialize with other children and encourage them to be themselves and share music in a safe environment.
  • These classes will help children developmentally in terms of improving their gross motor skills and learning essential terms such as day of week, numbers and colors.

Music Theory Group Classes

  • Knowing music theory helps students hasten the instrumental learning process.
  • With the music theory knowledge. Students can understand common chord progressions and the structure of the piece, boosting the sight reading.
  • Help AMEB candidates receive their instrumental certificates.
  • Music theory is the foundation for student’s creativity.